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We are one of the efficient and affordable CDA roofing contractors to provide innovative roofing solutions. Steiner’s Quality Roofing is one an industry pioneer in providing roof consulting and maintenance programs in North Idaho.

How do you maintain a roof?

Nobody wants to pour out a ton of money on roof replacement. The first step to preventing such future expenses is to look for preserving the integrity of your roof. Be on a constant vigil for broken or missing shingles on your roof. Cleaning the dirt off your shingles regularly can prevent the growth of algae, fungi, moss, and lichen. Check for wear and tear or cracks in your sealant and replace wherever needed.

If you find branches of trees hanging directly above your roof or on it, you may have to trim the tree. The leaves that fall on the roof can pass the moisture on to your roof and lead to rotting. If your roof was built using metallic parts, check for rust and use a wire brush to clean it. Ensure to prime and paint the area to keep rust at bay.

Clean the gutters regularly to prevent water from penetrating the roof. Replace the missing or cracked mortars in your chimney because if any of the brick falls out, the integrity of the entire roof will be compromised. Insulate your roofs to avoid ice dams. Lastly, have one of our CDA roofing contractors inspect your roof annually.

Should I get a roof inspection?

To prevent structural damages to your roof, it is always a wise idea to have your roof inspected by a professional annually, especially after a severe winter. A roofing professional will assess your roof for any damages, rotting, moisture, cracks, missing or broken shingles or tiles, etc.

During a roof inspection, your contractor will inspect for ventilation, proper insulation, moisture and mold, leaks, ice dams, roof shingles, and their quality, chimney, dormers, side-walls, eaves, and rakes. At the end of the inspection, he will suggest a course of action if there is damage that needs immediate fixing.

Pros and cons of roof replacement

If your home a few years old, you might be considering a roof replacement to improve the curb appeal of your home. You can come to a reasonable conclusion by weighing the pros and cons. Replacing your roof can be an expensive procedure, but it will all be worth it in the end. For that, however, you will require professional assistance, to make sure you keep the costs down while getting the best results.

In case of a severely compromised roof, it is ideal to replace it once than to spend money on the repairs regularly. With a replacement, you also have the choice to upgrade to UV-resistant shingles or hail-resistant tiles or whatever tickles your fancy.

At Steiner’s Quality Roofing, we use tarps to protect your yard and plants while we work on your roof. Get in touch with us today, one of the leading CDA roofing contractors.

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