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Steiner’s Quality Roofing is one of the very few Coeur d’Alene roofing contractors that offer quick-fix solutions to all your roofing problems. From building new roofs to fixing leak repairs and tear-offs, we are the industry leaders to provide cost-effective and long-lasting roofing fixes. 

How much does it cost to replace roof decking?

National Roofing Contractors Association recommends a roof replacement when you begin noticing a leak, and the issue has spread to more than one area in the roof. The price of replacing your roof depends on the material used. Most commonly used material is the asphalt shingles and per square foot cost of replacing your roof using Asphalt shingles can range from $4-$5.

The cost may vary based on where you live, the shingles used the pitch of the roof, etc. Roof rots and leaks can lead to issues such as wood rot, mildew, and mold in your home. Replacing your roof will not only add value to your home and improve your curb appeal but will ensure its efficient functioning in the long term. We are the most preferred Couer d’Alene roofing contractors for a roof replacement with the locals for our affordable roof fixing solutions.  

How do I know if my roof decking is bad?

If you see parts of your roof or shingles lying broken in your bushes, it is a sign of roof damage. Shingles are not just aesthetic props on your building since they are also designed to protect your home from storm, rain, and snow.

Shingles sit on top of at least three layers of plywood that form the base of a roof. There is a roof underlayment that protects your home from moisture and keeps your home ventilated. Hence the damaged shingle can be a result of just a storm or due to damages caused to any of the other roofing components that lie below the shingles. Signs of roof damage include,

  • Missing or broken shingles, curling, buckling and granule loss in shingles
  • Holes in roof and Sponge-like feel while walking on the roof
  • The spread of mold in the attic, lack of ventilation and ceiling stains

If you spot any of the above signs, it is best to get in touch with a roofing contractor for an in-depth and professional inspection of the roof.

Fixing a roof rot

Your roof contractor will find the degree and location of the damage and inspect your home for leaks, stained drywall and ceiling, locate stains of water below the roof decking. The contractor will check the stability of your roof deck using a hammer, and if he thinks your roof is unstable, he may suggest a roof replacement.

Roof replacement involves removing the shingles, rotten wood and replacing the roof deck with underlayment, few layers of plywood, shingles, and sealing of the seams. Fixing crooked roofs will ensure prevention of water leaks and penetration of moisture. Get in touch with Steiner’s quality roofing to have the best Coeur d’Alene roofing contractors work on your roof replacement!

Coeur d Alene Roofing contractors

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