Ice Dam Removal north idaho

Steiner’s Quality Roofing is a leading roof contractor company offering services such as roof maintenance programs, roof decking replacement, and Ice dam removal in North Idaho. We also undertake works such as re-roofs, new roofs, and tear-offs for both commercials as well as residential properties.

How much does ice dam removal cost?

Ice dam removal services can range anywhere between $300 – $600/hour. The price charged for ice dam removal depends on factors such as temperatures, market demand, fuel costs, etc. Safe and efficient ice dam removal requires equipment such as steam blasters, fuel for running the steamers and generators, the trucks used to commute this heavy equipment to the customer’s place and labor charges are all included in the price you pay.

You only need to have skilled roof contractors to remove your ice dam to complete the job without causing damage to your roof. Walking up and down a slippery roof with hauling equipment, especially in the winters, is undoubtedly not something that you want to try.

Does insurance cover ice dams?

Insurance companies will offer coverage for any damages to your home caused by a leaking roof, and you may also receive costs coverage for removing a specific portion of the ice dam that’s causing the leakage. However, the complete removal of an ice dam is always the homeowner’s financial responsibility.  

This will become more evident if you read the ‘what we cover’ portion of your insurance policy. Insurance companies certainly do not pay for preventative removal of ice dams to avoid future damage.

Steps to remove an Ice dam

The sooner you remove an ice dam, the lesser the damage to your roof. One of the conventional methods that we recommend for ice dam removal in North Idaho is calcium chloride ice melt. But this applies only for the replacement of small-sized roof ice dams. We utilize the following series of steps to remove small ice dams:

Step 1 – We use roof rakes to remove snow that lies within 3-4 feet from your roof edge. We are extra careful to ensure that we won’t damage the roof covering in the process. This method also ensures that no snow builds up, blocking the walking paths and emergency exits.

Step 2 – We use calcium chloride ice melt to melt the ice dams. Many homeowners try ice removal with rock salt and end up damaging their roofs. We fill nylon stockings with the calcium chloride designed to melt the ice and safely place the stocking vertically across the roof all over the ice dam.

Step 3 – During this process, we cover all your garden plants and shrubs with light-weighted tarps as the dripping calcium chloride water can be harmful to plants.

However, in medium to severe cases of ice dams, we use electric-powered steamers, to safely remove ice dams off your roof in no time. For affordable ice dam removal in North Idaho, get in touch with Steiner’s quality roofing. We offer affordable and same-day ice dam removal services.

Ice Dam Removal north idaho

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