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Steiner’s Quality Roofing is a first-rate roofing contractor company in the industry that offers innovative and affordable roofing solutions.  We are one of the very few North Idaho roofing contractors to offer time-bound and budget-friendly roofing solutions.

How to know if your roof is damaged?

You need a new roof if you spot curled edges or cupped tabs on your shingles. Another sign to watch out for is bald spots in your shingles with missing granules or cracks on shingles. Besides these visible signs, you should consider a new roof if your current roof is over 20 years old or if you think it lacks proper ventilation.

You can also choose to replace your current roof, if your old roof looks dull and unattractive or if you plan on selling your home soon. Getting a roof makeover can increase the value of your home in the market. Our North Idaho roofing contractors will fix all the issues to ensure that you don’t shell out any money on roof repairs in the near future.

What causes roof damage?

The roof is an integral part of your home’s overall appeal and well-being. Knowing the common causes of damage to your roof can help you prepare better to protect your roof against them. Some of the causes of damage include:

  • Tree branches & Debris – The long limbs of trees that are above your roof as they could easily snap during heavy rains or winds and fall on your roof. The debris from trees such as pine cones and leaves pass on moisture to your roof and the layers beneath it leading to further damage.
  • Weather – Weather conditions such as snow, wind, hail, ice, and heat can affect the endurance of your rooftop.
  • Birds and Animals – Both birds and small animals like bats, rats, and cats can threaten to destroy your shingles or vent covers.
  • Defective Gutters – Poorly installed gutters, damaged and clogged gutters lead to water build-up on the roof leading to water leaks, growth of mold and mildew, and roof rot.  
  • Water detrition – Anything that lets moisture seek through the roof such as leaking pipes and gutters can cause significant damage to the roof. A water leak through the roof can cause fatal consequences to your family.

Tips for roof maintenance

Trim the limbs of trees hanging above or near your roof. Regularly clean your gutters to avoid moisture penetration into your attic. Build roofs with proper insulation and inspect your house after heavy rain and storms for broken or missing shingles and water stains on the ceiling.

Use zinc strips along the ridge of your roof to avoid the growth of mold, fungi, moss, and mildew. Get an annual roof inspection by a skilled roofing contractor. Schedule a no-obligation roof consultation with our North Idaho roofing contractors to inspect your roof’s integrity and give your home the much-deserved roof makeover with Steiner’s Quality Roofing.

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