lawn aeration Frisco TX

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lawn aeration Frisco TX

Your lawn is one of the first things that people notice about your home. It is also a place where you and your family can relax and enjoy the outdoors. A gorgeous lawn is an asset to your home and can even improve its value. Regular upkeep and maintenance will help keep your lawn looking its best. In addition to regularly applying products to improve your lawn, lawn aeration in Frisco, TX is also necessary. Aerating your lawn offers many benefits.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Frisco, TX

The soil underneath your grass needs to breathe. When the soil becomes too compacted it cannot perform as it should. As a result, you might experience problems with your lawn such as thatch. Thatch can ruin the beauty of your lawn but more importantly, it is an indicator that something is wrong. Regular lawn aeration in Frisco, TX can prevent thatch and improve your lawn.

Another benefit of regular lawn aeration in Frisco, TX is that it allows fertilizers, nutrients and other substances to get into the roots of the grass. This means that you will have a lawn that looks lush and plush. Aeration is accomplished by putting holes that reach from the soil surface to under the roots of the grass.

The holes are a small but effective solution that allows air to get into the soil. Aeration effective breaks up soil that is too compacted so that it can again perform as it was intended. Aerating your lawn will keep it healthy and looking attractive.

How to Aerate Your Lawn

You can go about aerating your lawn by using a simple garden fork to poke holes in the soil. However, this is a rather haphazard approach and is not nearly as effective as having it done by a professional. A lawn aerator is a special garden tool that is designed specifically to core holes into the lawn.

If your lawn already has some thatching you will want to remove the patches before you aerate your lawn. In general, you will want to water the lawn the day before you aerate. Aerators pull out core plugs throughout the lawn in intervals of about 3 inches. That allows the lawn proper air and the soil will be more able to benefit from the use of lawn food and fertilizers.

Areas in the lawn that are used most often are considered high-traffic areas. These sections are often the most compacted and therefore require aeration more often than other areas of the lawn. You may want to perform aeration annually on your lawn.

If you want to improve your lawn with regular fertilizer and nutrients you will likely want to have it aerated before you begin treatments. This makes the treatments better able to reach the roots of the grass where they can be most beneficial. Discuss your needs with a lawn care specialist to determine when your lawn will require aeration and to schedule the work. With regular care you will have beautiful grass without weeds or thatch.


lawn aeration Frisco TX



lawn aeration Frisco TX

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